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Listening to Elvis and Counting the Pageviews

Three months ago I left the big city known the Metroplex and moved 180 miles west to my hometown of Abilene, Texas. Two nights ago my hair stylist asked why I did such a thing, and I said, “For love. For a man.” Then I shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

Why else would I quit my job in this economy? Why else would I give up my girlfriends and book club? Why else would I move out of a two-bedroom rent house on 1.5 acres where the rent was unbelievably low?

Because I lost my marbles, that’s the real reason.

After a few weeks I tired of sleeping late and watching Netflix movies, so I unpacked my jewelry supplies, and on August 16 started this blog.

As of today, there have been 598 pageviews of this blog. Who’s watching? Who’s reading? People from all over the US including Alaska, one or two from Canada and even one in India.

People I don’t even know have listed it on their blogs. The blogosphere is amazing.

Within the next month my life will take a new turn when I launch my online jewelry s…

Puppy Love Friday

I feel like declaring today Puppy Love Friday. (Shhhh. Don’t tell Thomas O’Malley, my gray tabby cat.)

This is Annie Eve, a Border Collie, who was named by Maggie and Joanna because she came to live with us on Christmas Eve in the early 90s. Annie and I turned gray together. Annie loved to hold hands with me while I sat on the back porch. She taught me how to fetch a Frisbee and refused to run when I took her to an open field preferring instead to sit on my feet. RIP, Annie Eve:-(

I’ve had many dogs in my life starting with Poco, a Toy Collie (what Shelties were called back then), and the newest “pup" in my life -- the Queen of All Chihuahuas, Susie.

If you’re a dog lover, check out for your dose of warm

Hug your favorite dog(s) today and give ‘em an extra treat for Puppy Love Friday!

Art is order...

Art is order, made out of the chaos of life. ~Saul Bellow

The harvest moon is here and the out-of-sync-with-the-universe feeling is waning along with the moon. Perhaps now I can make some pretty things again.

I’ve spent the last few days researching online sources for selling jewelry and settled on Partly because they offer a newly reduced flat monthly rate and partly because has 1.5 million pieces of jewelry listed.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life. ~Pablo Picasso
Cathy received her birthday bracelet yesterday and promptly texted me that she was thrilled with it. I figured she would be, but it’s still good to hear. I mailed Maggie and Joanna three pairs of earrings each including a pair with sterling silver soccer ball charms for Joanna. She’s a new soccer mom - God bless her.

I’m having serious doubts that anyone will buy my jewelry, but, if nothing else, I want the pleasure and nourishment of making art. Who knows, maybe someone will pay a…

How To Comment

Look under the post at the line that says # comments. Click on that link and the Comments page will pop up.You can use any of those identifiers, if you want, but you can also comment anonymously by checking the last box.For readers with twitchy fingers, I’ve added a fun tool that says “I think this is:” with three boxes you can check. If you can think of another word to add (nothing negative, pls), just leave it in the comment box.

The Magnificent Hawk

Last autumn Colburn and I went to visit the hawks at the falconer’s gathering in Abilene. These two beauties are among the flora and fauna that inspire the designs of Lost Marbles Jewelry. Last night I almost finished a bracelet inspired by the Red-Tailed Hawk (bottom). I’m looking for the perfect feather charm to compliment the beads.

Look for an announcement about the opening of the online shop in early to mid October.

It really is a world wide web

I was sitting at my beading table, looking out the window and writing my "Business Plan With a Twist” when I stopped to do some research about online shopping carts. One thing led to another, as happens when you’re poking around on the Net, and came across this French website. When’s the last time you took advantage of the WORLD WIDE WEB and visited another country from the comfort of your laptop?

Quotes and Picture of the Day

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.  “Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew.” ~Guillaume Apollinaire “Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” ~Guillaume Apollinaire

The Beauty of Black and White

Since my favorite blogs are those with photos, I thought I’d post some of my personal favorites. I took these several years ago and developed and printed them in a small, cramped darkroom in my daughters' bathroom. Hope you enjoy them.

Sleep. Who needs it?

What do you think about at 4 a.m. when you’re wide awake in bed and everyone else, even the tomcat, is asleep? I woke up with a full-blown business plan in my head. The product lines, marketing strategy, creative inspiration sources, everything I needed to move full steam ahead. It was all so clear and obvious that I didn’t get up and write it down.
Silly. Me.

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

by Bronnie Ware

For many years I worked in palliative care. My patients were those who had gone home to die. Some incredibly special times were shared. I was with them for the last three to twelve weeks of their lives. People grow a lot when they are faced with their own mortality. I learned never to underestimate someone's capacity for growth. Some changes were phenomenal. Each experienced a variety of emotions, as expected, denial, fear, anger, remorse, more denial and eventually acceptance. Every single patient found their peace before they departed though, every one of them. When questioned about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently, common themes surfaced again and again. Here are the most common five: 1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. This was the most common regret of all. When people realise that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have g…

Why Get Rid of It?

[These days, I’m all about downsizing. My friends know this about me already. Okay, okay, I admit I can be a little bit obsessive about it. This is a good article that someone put on Facebook. For the record, I don’t read Martha Stewart Living...anymore.]

Because You Have Too Much Stuff
1. 1.4 million Americans suffer from chronic hoarding & clutter.
2. People burn 55 minutes a day looking for things.
3. 80 percent of what we own we never use.
4.1800GotJunk.comPay someone else to take out the (big, cumbersome) trash.
5.Publicstorage.comLock it up in more than 2,100 locations around the U.S.
6.redshield.orgSchedule a pickup with your local Salvation Army.
7.earth911.orgFind local recycling and reuse programs for all kinds of household items.

~Source Martha Stewart Living

Another good source for uncluttering your life - read the Unclutterer blog.

Just what the world needs...

...another jewelry designer. I was on yesterday and saw they have more than 1.5 million jewelry items for sale. So, I’m thinking I might join the hoardes.

What skills are needed for an online business?
MarketingPhotographyWeb DesignBookkeepingTaxes - income and salesWell, I’ve got 10-20 years experience in all those areas. Maybe I can make this work.

This weekend I’m trying to figure out a name for it. That’s the fun part. The frustration is trying to find a domain name that isn’t taken already. I’m going to use the flora and fauna of Texas as my design and marketing inspiration. I thought about these:
Saltbush DesignsFeatherplume CreationsCactus Apple JewelryPenstemon DesignsBluestem JewelrySoapberry CreationsButtonwillow Creek Designs (the name of the creek across the street)
But then I wanted to attach a blog to the company and thought maybe I should stay with Lost Marbles. But would Lost Marbles Jewelry imply my products are all made of marbles? Hmmmmm.....What do you thin…

Unclutter your house in one easy step