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Meeting a Masterpiece

Last fall I was fortunate enough to visit New York City again, specifically Manhattan. It's one of the few places I've found where I feel like I belong. I'm perfectly at home sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, eating a $2 hotdog and watching the buskers perform on the sidewalk.

Another favorite place is standing in front of this painting*. It's so beloved that I don't even need to give the title and artist. I'll bet most people reading this blog already know.

What you might not know is how it feels to stand in front of it. know that boy or girl you had a big crush on in high school? Imagine seeing him/her at a class reunion. You're nervous going in and knowing that person is there. You're feeling skittish, anxious, scared and excited -- all at the same time. You hide in the back of the room afraid to look at them for very long. You pace...and glance their way. Then you walk closer, if you can work up the nerve. Then, wit…

Spring Cleaning My Brain

After spending two years learning how to sell jewelry, and now art, online I'm ready to throw it all out the window and let in some fresh air...and a different way of thinking.

What if I created a special line of jewelry for loyal customers and let them choose what to pay.

What if I made fewer pieces and
charged more for each.

What if I restarted my men's line of jewelry called

What if I stopped making jewelry and only made ART?

What if I started channeling
Jackson Pollock


Leigh Reyes.


As of two minutes ago, this blog has had 19,930 page visits since its inception in August 2010.

I feel like I should write an inspiring blogpost when the counter hits 20,000.

So, I'm thinking...

Go to the Wikipedia page for info about "The Thinker."